Coordinated Multiple Views: Interacting & Brushing

Materials for class on Monday, April 8, 2019


Tweet(s) of the day:

This is an excellent resource if you decide to use plotly for your project!

RinteRface includes several web frameworks as R packages including: shinydashboardPlus, bs4Dash, argonDash.


Hands-on Class

We’ll heavily use our RStudio Cloud project for sample Shiny apps. It has been updated from last class so its highly recommended you delete your previous version and recreate a new project.

  1. Review Reactivity: Reactivity Overview by RStudio

Garrett Grohlmund’s Introduction to Reactivity in Shiny

  1. Shiny enabled flexdashboard dashboard

Example: Kyle Walker’s Neighborhood Diversity App by / GitHub

  1. Brusing & interaction:
  1. shinydashboard
  1. Helper functions: dragulaR, shinyWidgets / shiny demo, and waiter