DataCamp Courses

You will need to complete four DataCamp courses, each is 2.5 points. Points will be allocated for all (2.5 points) for completion or 0 points (not completed) by the assigned date. These will be assigned on DataCamp and are intended to reinforce the programming assignments and material.

About half-way through the semester (February-March), additional DataCamp courses may be provided for extra credit points.

Problem sets

To practice working with RStudio and making data-based graphics, you will complete a series of 4 problem sets. You need to show that you made a good faith effort to work each question. The problem sets will also be graded using the following point system:

You may (and should!) work with one other person on the problem sets, but you must turn in your own answers. You cannot work in groups of more than two people, and you must note who you worked with on your assignment.


Quizzes are intended to reinforce the lectures and course reading materials as well as enforce course attendance. Quizzes will be given in class and will consist of five multiple choice questions for each quiz. Each quiz will be given without prior warning and given out between the class break (between the lecture and lab sections, about halfway through the class). Quizzes will be on paper and closed-book, i.e., without any other resource (no phones, laptops, books, etc.).

There will be five (5) total quizzes in five different classes; however, your lowest grade will be dropped so if you do poorly on one, focus on the next ones.

I will try to review each quiz in the following class to provide feedback on each quiz. Your grades will be posted on Canvas.

Students who are absent will not be able to make up quizzes unless they can provide medical or work related excuses (e.g., traveling for a conference or work-related activities). If you have such a reasonable excuse, you must email me (Ryan) no later than the next class if a class is missed. If you know you’ll have to miss class, it’s likely smart to email me or send me a direct Slack message. I’ll let you know if you need to make up the quiz.Please note, we’ll be very limited on times we can meet to make up the next quiz and likely for any make-up quizzes you’ll need to do it before the next class.

Design Contest / Mini-Project

Too give you practice with the data and design principles you’ll learn in this class, you will complete a mini-project. I will provide you with real-world data and pose one or more questions—you will make a static visualization plots.

Feel free to start thinking about ideas (datasets, research questions) now. This will be in groups of no more than 3 students per group.

This is worth 10 points. It will be submitted via Canvas as well as include an in-class, 10 minute presentation on March 25th.

Final project

At the end of the course, you will demonstrate your data visualization skills by completing a final project.

Project details will be posted later once I settle on the best form for it. This much is certain so far:

There is no final exam. This project is your final exam.