Visual Representation Basics II

Materials for class on Monday, February 4, 2019


Tweet of the Day

Tamara Munzner is one of the most influential data visualization researchers. Her textbook “Visualization Analysis and Design” is one of the most popular data viz books and some of her former students are now leaders in data viz (e.g., Matt Brehmer, Melanie Tory, Michael Seldmair, and Miriah Meyer).

,Mara Averick is RStudio’s tidyverse developer advocate, which essentially means she’s one of the most influential champions of all things tidyverse. She is an absolute must-follow on Twitter and noted “data sciolist” who excels at commmunicating the technical issues of tidyverse in a non-technical way, e.g., her 2018 RStudio::conf talk.


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Lab 3: Make a plot (ggplot2)